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TTW Magazine stands for: Transforming Today’s World- and that is exactly what we are trying to do! More than any other time in history, people need to be encouraged, inspired and led to a new dimension in personal achievement. We believe that the key to helping yourselves lies in the power of helping others! TTW is dedicated to interviewing not only famous celebrities, but is dedicated to helping humanitarian causes such as our military and veterans, human rights, business development in small businesses, promoting art and music education in our schools, and encouraging the lost art of intimacy in communication. We all need each other, and in this world of cell phones, computers, the internet and social media, the need is even greater now as we have merged into the “instant intimacy” of a text or e-mail. The unique paradox of TTW lies in the irony of our multi-media focus on content through video, internet radio and our partnership with techno-giant Inteveo. We feel the world should embrace this new technology and utilize its vast ability to connect every city and citizen in the world!

Our in-depth Publicity Profiles video interviews bring promotion to a new and sophisticated level never seen before! We are able to connect to millions through the internet and asocial media, bringing a message of hope, faith and a connection of the human spirit. As we proceed into 2015, we will launch a unique Internet radio site, featuring interviews with our Publicity Profile subjects, as well as launching “Indie” artists with original music to the world! This multi-media sensation will be found ONLY in TTW! Transformation through entertainment, music, art, business, technology and world news, connects the world as one. No longer limited by geographic, TTW has a reach that surpasses any other form of multimedia production today! Welcome to our world of unlimited communication locally, nationally and entertainment. The world has truly become the TTW stage: Where EVERY issue of TTW Magazine becomes a Hollywood premier!

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