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There is NO substitution for publicity. The new millennium is the new age of technology and media. TTW is the Queen of publicity and TTW, the publication, IS the media! Talent and the creation of an appropriate “brand” for a client will never change. The great advertising agencies on Madison Avenue created the concept of total promotion many years ago-and that concept will rule the industry into perpetuity! That concept is the very foundation of TTW’s trademarked “Publicity Profiles” and coupled with modern day SEO technology, Social Media; and Freya Pruitt at the helm of the ship: TTW is un-stoppable!

TTW is like a giant aircraft carrier waiting to launch its multi-media projects. Firmly fastened on the wings of the great planes, many TTW projects are waiting on deck to be launched. The TTW internet radio station, Video Interview Pod-Casts, Music Publishing Company and state of the art internet record label, are only a FEW of the giant TTW undertakings for 2015! TTW Magazine is creating entertainment history that will promote new artists and give them the publicity break they need to fulfill their dreams! When a viewer logs onto TTW Magazine to hear a new artist, they will experience the TOTAL package! Music, video interviews, and a unique Publicity Profile, reveal the total artist; giving the consumer an inside view of what the artist is capable of producing. This form of publicity is un-paralleled in today’s market and TTW Magazine has it ALL!

TTW stands for: TRANSFORMING TODAY’S WORLD. And that is exactly what we are doing! Music is the universal language of the heart and soul and can be intuitively understood without the restriction of language barriers. Publicity Profiles, created by Freya Pruitt, reveal the depth of a person’s purpose and brings a new level of authenticity to their goals. Freya has a gift for the interviewing process. She somehow inspires a person to relax, reveal, and release specific information about their lives and business, which allows the public a special and intimate view of the person’s inner self. Transparency is paramount in an interview. But a person MUST feel comfortable and trust the interviewer implicitly. In this techno-world of instant intimacy, consumers expect the artist to reveal their inner self and divulge what makes them tick, what makes their heart beat and what fuels the driving force in their life. The New Millennium IS the world of information: And people want information constantly, immediately and continuously. The instant intimacy of the internet has become a sensation- and an obsession for millions. TTW embraces this new phenomenon and gives the consumer what they want. TTW promotes new artists, tell stories of triumph, inspiration and hope, and engages in a unique form of journalism designed to educate, entertain and inspire humanity to be the best they can be! TTW stands for getting America back to grass-roots greatness, supports the foundation and importance of family, and has a great commitment to our Veterans who desperately need help right now! Somehow TTW Magazine has blended arts and entertainment, philanthropy, veterans, humanity and God, together in one cathartic publication that has earned its own special place in American history. Freya Pruitt’s motto has always been: “Help me put human back into humanity.” Freya wears her heart on her sleeve and is a pioneer in harvesting goodness in people. Every word of TTW Magazine has been written by Freya over the last 9 years! She has NO ghost writers, conducts ALL of the personal interviews, produces all the videos and has now created The TTW Indie Awards that will have its first spectacular award ceremony in Houston Texas in early December, 2014. Freya has become a renowned Public Figure as she champions the power of the heart and the importance of standing boldly in faith- no matter WHAT the circumstances may be! Freya writes about love, kindness, grief, sadness, marriage, divorce, children, seniors, veterans, music, arts and entertainment; just about anything a human being could ever experience. However, you will not hear Freya take credit for this remarkable gift: She gives ALL the glory to God and she is not shy in showing it!

We proudly invite our readers to experience the TTW phenomenon referred to as: “The Movement.” Transforming Today’s World is not a choice: It is a responsibility that all human beings should greatly embrace as they join their hearts into making the world a better place. Remember: To make a difference, you need to BE the difference! WELCOME TO TTW MAGAZINE: TransformingToday’s World: One heart at a time.


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