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MUCKY2Editor in chief Freya Pruitt, has personally interviewed some of the most fascinating people in the world! Freya somehow reaches deep into the heart and soul of her subjects and extracts the true essence of their being. From rock stars to stellar news anchors, talk show hosts, public figures, business owners and the every-day man, Freya takes the personal persona, and poetically weaves words on a page that actually “speak” to the reader. If a journalist can’t make a person feel as they read, the mission is lost forever. Freya not only makes the reader feel, but she elicits emotions from her readers that transcend a typical magazine; turning TTW into a movement of the heart and an interactive, multi-media publication of interviews and articles that produce personal transformation!

In a world riddled with mediocrity, Freya has produced a high-end, totally unique, experiential publication that will reach millions around the world. Covering topics from artsFREYAWEB4 and entertainment to domestic violence, Freya takes on issues that affect every person from around the world. By educating through interviews and stories, Freya somehow binds people together through story-telling and is able to restore an intimate connection between people around the globe. Freya believes EVERYONE has a story and she is out to find them all! The following is a brief list of people she has interviewed and stories of people and celebrities who have changed the world, and who have made TTW what it is today!

Some of her interviews include international news anchor and photo journalist Randy Beamer of WOAI (NBC), talk show host Bridget Smith (Kens 5, CBS), Al Bowman, creator of The LA. Music Awards, Emmy winning news anchors, Delaine Mathieu (NBC), Leslie Mouton (ABC) and Sarah Lucero of (CBS.)

Creed, Casting Crowns, Billboard magazine, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, The Grammy’s, The NY Philharmonic, The NYC Ballet and The Metropolitan Opera also grace the pages of TTW and illustrate effective change is possible in the world. Philanthropist Gordon Hartman, International Foreign Press Club food and wine critic, Doc Lawrence, the number one woman chocolatier in the world, Lecia Duke, the largest real estate company in America, Keller Williams, BillionaireHarvey Naiijm, and terrorist survivor Nadia Sahari, are fascinating stories featured only in TTW.

TTW Interviews are the mirror to the truth and life to the soul. Get transformed today: ONLY IN TTW!


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