In Norse Mythology, Freya is referred to as the Goddess of love and beauty: And nothing reflects this more effortlessly than the timeless image of Freya Pruitt; editor in chief of TTW Magazine. Whether she is walking a Red Carpet in L.A; interviewing a ballerina at The NYC Ballet, or passionately speaking to thousands at public events, Freya is simply Freya: “The Freya.” Known for her intoxicating laugh and magnetic smile, Freya is loved by everyone she meets. She has a heart of gold and is a champion for Indie musicians around the world, as well as an inspiration for all people faced with adversity. By telling stories we can all relate to, Freya is able to touch the multitudes; young or old, rich or poor, celebrities, kings or queens, Freya sees all people exactly in the same light; simply…as… people. In Freya’s eyes, human greatness lies in the power of the heart, in a persons’ ability to feel and to give; to love, endure and face each day with courage, faith and determination. Virtually anyone who has a challenging story to tell feels comfortable with Freya. As Freya begins the interview process, she somehow extracts the most personal and intimate hidden space within the person and brings it to the surface. Some laugh, some cry, but ALL respond and ALL wind up revealing their story like never before. The ability to search deep inside a person’s soul and ultimately find the depth and beauty of their spirit; is truly a gift. Maybe it is that electric personality, loving spirit and heart of Freya that puts everyone at ease. Somehow they know Freya will always be searching to eternally find the beauty in even the ugliest of circumstances. By bringing the darkness to the light, a great weight is lifted off a person and somehow, during the interview process, the interview itself becomes a catharsis of sorts. Once again, reflecting on the gift: Freya believes to make a difference you need to BE the difference.

Born into a highly creative and successful family, Freya’s Mother, Luba Tcheresky was a famous opera singer and is now one of the most renowned voice teachers in NYC. Freya’s brother, Richard Sortomme was a concert violinist and has evolved into one of the most sought after classical composers of our time. Freya’s father, Richard Sortomme was a brilliant water-colorist and one of the original “Taos 7.” Freya’s sister-in law, Carol Webb, has been a violinist with the NY Philharmonic for over 35 years! This is a hard act to follow, but somehow Freya took their lead and flew into the record and film business; cutting records in the 80’s, performing rock concerts, writing over 100 songs and not surprisingly, went in a completely different direction than her classically trained family! For those who know her personally, this comes as no surprise! There is a great mystique about this vivacious woman with the huge spirit. She is somehow timeless and touches all of humanity with her smile, hugs and huge heart. She has devoted 8 years of her life to the publishing of TTW Magazine and writes the entire 84 page magazine HERSELF!! Yes! HERSELF! She produces every photo-shoot, conducts every interview, over-sees the printing process, designs the basic art work then after release, promotes each publication around the country; walking red carpets, appearing on TV and radio shows, and performing in public speaking engagements. Yes, there is only ONE Freya, and THAT Freya never stops looking for the next story, the next interview, the next chance to champion a great cause; to help the broken-hearted and the lost, to offer encouragement and love to all she touches.

But our Freya has seen much pain and suffering in her own life too. She was married to the love of her life Reggie Pruitt for 18 ½ years. He was a highly decorated Vietnam Veteran who loved his wife passionately. They were so close, friends and family called them: “Freggie!” Tragically, Reggie died on their anniversary; his spirit simply gave up the ghost of the horror of Vietnam…he had had enough. Haunted by the silent killer PTSD, he went off to die alone in Wyoming. Two days before he died, he called Freya and said: “I love you…I did you a favor.” Then, he hung up the phone…and died. Freya will never forget this tragic loss and knows in her heart this did not have to happen. She is now championing a major campaign to get the much needed help to our veterans with PTSD. In her inevitable style, she will lead with her heart and love will truly find a way. Freya will tell you; love never dies: Love is born out of its own desire to love again. And we can assure you, “The Freya” is out in the world spreading her love around in a big way; with that big shining smile and that great laugh; spreading joy and inspiration through the power of love, charisma, talent and an un-yielding dedication to humanity. Freya IS living proof that love IS the only answer. Love is the ultimate power and love will NEVER fail. Love will always endure because that kind of love comes from God Himself…the great Creator of the canvas of life: called love…called Freya….called mankind…called you. So if you want your personal introduction to Freya Pruitt, all you have to do is click:! And, there she’ll be…smiling that big shining smile directly at you…and hey! Who knows!!! You better watch out! YOU might just be her next interview! Enjoy, the one and only; Freya

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