Executive Summary

Executive Summary

TTW Magazine Executive Summary

Business Description: Transforming Today’s World, LLC is the publisher of “TTW Magazine” in Austin, Texas. The magazine, which printed its first issue seven years ago is dedicated to promoting and advertising artists at various levels of business throughout Texas, North America and the world.

Circulation and Distribution: The seasoned management team at TTW Magazine is targeting a total combined circulation of 250K for both print and online publications. The magazine is currently published quarterly to service approximately 40K readers. Plans are also in place to move up to bi-monthly with increased press and electronic runs through the coming years. Organizational sales, email marketing, sponsorships, cross-platform advertising and direct mail distribution to targeted lists of artists, businesses and general consumers are utilized to continue growing subscription.

Unique Format: TTW magazine is a high-grade, 80 page contemporary in look and feel publication printed on large-size silky paper and delivering quality art content and entertaining, news-worthy publicity profiles resulting in a very special publication that appeals to broad-base demographics with 18 plus age group spanning across multiple markets.

Business Strategy: TTW magazine is the first publication to offer strategically-crafted, private “Publicity Profiles” as the cornerstone of its proven business model both offline and online. Publicity profiles are distinctive articles boasting a first-of-a-kind style of writing and unparalleled pictorials to introduce up and coming artists and spread brand awareness within local communities. Each issue features a prominent community figure or celebrity on the cover and includes five cleverly-divided sections: Arts & Entertainment, Celebrity Corner, Business News, Editor’s Choice and a Centerfold Editorial.

Business Model: TTW Magazine employs a two-tiered business model that purposefully unites quality print with advanced online technology to deliver uniquely written publicity profiles and entertainment editorials to large audiences at both the local and national level.
Market Opportunity: TTW Magazine addresses a rising demand for consumer-based entertainment and general-interest magazines generating billions of dollars in revenue each year and continuing to grow rapidly. The magazine is structured to provide artists and fans alike with advantages of both special-print issues and the latest in electronic formats made possible by advanced online technology to continue growing viewership base and circulation base. In particular, the local San Antonio market and surrounding South Texas areas lack similar publications with the established track record and overall value offered by TTW Magazine.

Competitive Advantages: TTW Magazine is dedicated to providing new and existing artists with the ability to promote their creative work to thousands of digital consumers online and on social media networks. In addition, the magazine provides advertisers and businesses the ability to market their products and services, enhance their brand awareness and generate new revenue using online interactive HD videos. This amazing advertising platform is available exclusively from the magazine’s electronic arm, Texas-based Inteveo LLC.

Future Outlook: Magazine publishing is a high profit and high margin business with the key to success being effective marketing. TTW Magazine has a highly focused multi-dimensional sales and marketing process enabling constant growth within the arts and entertainment segment of the publishing industry. The same marketing channels and proven technologies are being used by other well-established name-brand organizations online with remarkable results.

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Interactive, video monetization rules the new millennium!

By Freya Pruitt
InteveoI have been in the entertainment industry for over thirty years and thought I had seen it all until I met Sean Darwish; CEO of Inteveo. This brilliant technology company based in Austin, Texas has taken the entire planet by storm. Their DIVE video platform actually makes Google look like high-school! If you think you know what SEO is- think again. If you think you know what advertising and promotion is- think again. When I say “DIVE” I literally mean dive into a never ending river of promotional results that prove themselves online every day. It doesn’t take a rocket-scientist to understand the value of reaching millions versus hundreds. The New Millennium has produced a new breed of digital consumers that want interactive and uninterrupted experiences online. Simply put: Inteveo is the example of what TV did to radio. Imagine a family gathered around a radio in the 1940’s listening to stories and their favorite music. Then suddenly out of nowhere BAM. Here comes an illuminated screen with “rabbit ears” picking up “moving pictures” from the air-waves and bringing them into your living room. Wow! How cool was THAT? Viewers were suddenly exposed to their community in an intimate way. Families that listened to radio now became part of the world community of communication- in a visual way. Viewers in the 1950’s were now able to put a “face” to that familiar voice. Lucy and Desi, Ozzie and Harriet, Leave It To Beaver, Ricky Nelson, even Elvis himself were sitting beside them as they drank their coffee at the kitchen table. That new visual form of technology became THE PHENOMENOM of communication that changed the entire world as we know it. I’m sure most people were astounded as they watched the first man walk on the moon from the comfort of their living-room. Truthfully: Who could even possibly consider something better? Well my friends, we have all learned a valuable lesson from that philosophy: Come on people… We all know what came next. Enter stage right; THE INTERNET. The biggest technological mind blow in communication is still taking a big bow today as it flies around the world at light speed infiltrating businesses, homes, families and consumer purchasing. There is ALWAYS something else waiting in the wings; only THIS time the company taking a big bow is INTEVEO. Introducing their patent-pending, digital Video Advertising and Monetization technology takes the internet to a new level of effectiveness and allows the consumer immediate and direct access to products and services without ever leaving the video. Society LEARNED from the TV phenomenon as it evolved into a new level of electronic sophistication while embracing the video and YouTube Craze. But, quite frankly, this technology and many others have rather stalled in place- until Inteveo created DIVE: “Dynamic Interactive Video Experience.” To explain this patent pending technology you have to visualize what it truly means. Brilliant business development relies on brilliant results and producing brilliant results today, MUST utilize brilliant technology.

Inteveo DIVE established a direct and effective video production company to help create publicity and information driven profiles for clients in the healthcare sector, retail, fashion, sports, entertainment, digital publishing and other industry verticals- virtually any type of company can benefit from these new capabilities. Inteveo also knows how to market a company on line very effectively and to do so; they realize you MUST utilize today’s NEWEST communication phenomena’s: SOCIAL MEDIA. Imagine 2 BILLION people on Facebook alone. Let me ask you a question: How would YOU like to be marketed to THIS audience? How would you like to have this audience view your interactive video allowing them to buy on impulse- immediately without having to leave the video or going to external websites? Yes, you heard me. BUY IN THE VIDEO WITHOUT HAVING TO GO THROUGH THE TEDIOUS REGISTRATION AND E-COMMERCE PROCESS. Think about the new marketplace: As consumers, we have evolved into very sophisticated web shoppers- and very impatient. We want instant gratification and we want it now. If you see a great pair of Dolce & Gabbana shoes in a video, don’t you get excited-don’t you want them now? So? Now you have a way to purchase them right IN the video- immediately. Who wants to have to go to another website all the time? You want a great dress or pair of shoes at a great price…you want them now. Imagine the VIDEO itself opening up into a shopping cart and BAM. With couple of simple clicks those shoes are yours right now. Everything is handled for you…checkout, payment processing- absolutely everything- and you NEVER have to leave the video. Imagine: The shopping cart opens and the world is at your feet. Now THAT is the marketing of the new millennium and THAT makes Google look like high-school! The greatest advertising and monetization video technology for the 21st century is here and I was fortunate to partner with this brilliant company. You HAVE to be asking yourself how did all this happen and WHY did I entrust my entire life’s work to this one company? To answer these questions, you have to ask yourself some vital question: “Do you truly KNOW what SEO is- do you know how the Internet works today and do you understand how the same technologies from Google and others are no longer effective for the common company? The answer is probably yes; but the truth is probably No. Hey, don’t feel bad. I was in exactly your position less than a year ago, but I have changed my entire thought process and understanding as I watched my social media followers and subscription base more than triple in three months. Wow, now those are some real RESULTS and they include thousands of loyal magazine followers interacting daily. A magazines’ success is based on its readership and advertisers. Print as we have known it, is simply not the same industry anymore. However, people will always want to touch, feel and experience a book or magazine- no way around that for sure. But to successfully monetize today’s publishing market, you must understand the provable “system” that produces the big numbers that everybody wants but rarely experiences. You see my friends, there is no mystery to reaching a top position on a Google search page. After seven years of publishing TTW I had heard and seen it all. And yes: I wanted exactly what we all want: A continuous stream of customers gathered through Internet marketing and promotions. Did I think that was attainable? Yes- did anyone give that to me- did I ever see any tangible results? No: Not until my magazine entrusted its marketing services to the amazing team at Inteveo, did I begin to get a sliver of understanding but a bounty of results. I could care less what I thought I knew and began to actually celebrate REAL and calculable results. It was CEO Sean Darwish of Inteveo who actually gave me a much needed wake-up call and a realistic approach to what I could expect (yes expect) from his technology. I am honored to share this comprehensive interview with our readers.