TTW is the Media

People in the entertainment industry, business owners, public figures, celebrities, philanthropists and non-profits, spend millions of dollars each year searching for media coverage to promote them towards success and stardom. Unfortunately, most are lost in a sea of disappointments as they spend needless funds looking for the brass ring of consistent media coverage NEEDED to create and maintain a career!

For the first time in American history, a publication has created a vehicle specially designed to provide the specific and consistent stream of publicity as its own media source: The publication itself! No longer looking for coverage, TTW IS the coverage and is out streaming through the globe with its trademarked Publicity Profiles promoting AS the media- IN the media- BECOMING the media!

TTW IS THE MEDIA and does not “search” for publicity, as it IS an outlet for all of its clients, artists and business owners to promote and tell their stories. TTW looks at ALL people as stars and brings over 30 years of history from Madison Avenue to Hollywood Boulevard! TTW has become a fascination from L.A. to NYC, to London and Canada. TTW has attracted some of the most famous companies and stars in the world to be in the publication! From Grammy winners selling millions of records, to film-makers, superstars, business owners, and the most successful companies in the fine arts, they ALL look to TTW for the much needed and sought after media coverage. TTW doesn’t ASK- they DO- they ARE- and they produce results!!

The internet has made the entire world into an intimate community with publicity and media becoming the most important aspect of promotion in today’s high-tech market. Promotional success in The New Millennium has created a NEW form of media coverage that is prolifically profound and provides the instant gratification mandated by consumers for their insatiable desire for media coverage. They want it now and TTW will give it to them! WE DON’T WANT- WE ARE: TTW IS THE MEDIA!

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