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What Is a Publicity Profile?

Long gone are the days of conventional advertising. Consumers are compelled to seek information presented in an eye-catching, genuine and intelligent format. Technology plays a very important part in how presentation of a multi-media promotion is rendered; the end-product can literally determine success or failure of an ad’s reception.

Transforming Today’s World magazine (TTW) is ahead of the game when it comes to revolutionizing how an artist or feature is portrayed. There are new and fabulous techniques emerging! “Publicity Profiles”, exclusively developed by and trademarked for TTW, are extravagant and engaging web-site promotions which can now reach the entire world. TTW’s Publicity Profile is the wave of the future, and the future is here right now!

Welcome to the TTW Publicity Profile Revolution!

A “PPIP” (Publicity Profile in Production) begins with an in-depth, personal interview with editor-in-chief, Freya Pruitt. Freya delves deep into the heart and soul of each of her subjects and extracts the intimate essence, genuine character, and authenticity of who they are as real people. She transcends a world dominated by cell phones, emails, the Internet and texting; because beautiful, creative communication within humanity has been reduced to a quagmire of non-interactive, punctuated blips. This is not acceptable, when the desired effect is to convey the humanity and heart of the interview.

Nothing can replace the human touch, a hug or the sound of voice communication between human beings. Technology has largely replaced the need for many of these attributes; but has it, in doing so, eliminated intimate and genuine realities?

The answer is a resounding “Yes!” Unfortunately, along the way, intimacy has been de-valued and ultimately, lost. How can we recover real and tangible intimacy through non-human elements of technology? The answer is found in a Publicity Profile, created and trademarked by TTW Magazine. Editor-in-Chief, Freya Pruitt, creates a dynamic and beautiful channel through which the “human” is infused back into humanity! Her new and genuinely personal form of the interviewing process is where it all begins.

A TTW Publicity Profile consists of 2- to 14-pages which compile the total branding presentation. The subject may be a person, company, celebrity, writer or CEO of a major corporation. There are unlimited ways in which a Publicity Profile can be customized to bring the best possible enhancement to its subject.

The term “branding” is widely misinterpreted today, as authentic “branding” is far beyond a logo or image! Authentic branding is truly the person themselves! Publicity Profiles bring the genuine heart and soul of the subject to life.

How is a Publicity Profile created?

Let’s examine this unique format that’s become the most sophisticated form of promotion today. The interview process begins the Publicity Profile’s formula for success. As Freya interviews her subject, her gentle and approachable personality allows the real and authentic person to begin to emerge. Rather than the often punctuated, aggressive and pushy quest for limited information, interviewing with Freya is more like having a conversation with a close friend. TTW is then able to transfer this authenticity into a multi-media promotion with its superior, informational marketing campaign.

Today’s sophisticated market demands authentic information. Those seeking the best possible representation make the truly personal decision to buy from a particular company, based on the quality of that information. We are living in a quickly changing. Information loaded, tech savvy world and TTW is the front runner with this amazingly beautiful new type of promotion.

Partnered with techno-giant, Inteveo, the most sophisticated information driven Publicity Profile will be purveyed to viewers in a format that actually grabs the public’s heart as well as its eyes. Anyone can encourage viewers to buy a product, a record, go to see a film or concert, or go to the opera or ballet; bringing life and reality to words is the key!

Nobody does this complex task more accurately, with more heart and soul than ever seen before, than editor in chief Freya Pruitt! Her interview process produces a Publicity Profile that defines a person’s purpose in life, their destiny, their image, and personal history.

The interview is then turned into a journalistic and artistic masterpiece that contains a well-rounded, comprehensive embodiment of a person or company. The TTW Publicity Profile is then presented to the world!

The exquisite feature is manifested within of the one of the most beautifully printed, glossy magazines ever seen before. TTW looks more like a piece of art than a publication; it “reads” more like an animated film than a book!

A true Publicity Profile portrays the term: “This is not personal-this is business” as a very misunderstood, impersonal statement, widely used in mass-media and corporate entities. The Publicity Profile proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that “business” is most certainly personal! A real human being designed, created and is now running the business”!

Given the hypothesis that “the real people who research the ‘business’ WANT and desire information about the real person behind the real business before they commit to investing funds into that business”—(Freya Pruitt, 2014), what is the tangible outcome? The outcome is that a TTW Publicity profile makes a dental practice exciting; makes a film you might have missed totally captivating; and compels the public to WANT to come and see you, no matter who you are!

Creating desire in today’s information-craving society is critical to success. A TTW Publicity Profile does just that! Complete with a photo-session, video interview and personal interview with Editor-in-chief Freya Pruitt, a company or individual can be assured of the most comprehensive, uniquely personal promotion available today. It comes with a media buy, to boot!

Thanks to Inteveo’s unprecedented video and internet technology, TTW is available in every tech-savvy city in the world. They can offer local, national and international coverage unparalleled by anything offered in the promotional world today.

TTW also offers a targeted, boutique distribution route for specific target markets, for all printed magazines! A TTW Publicity Profile connects the world to the authenticity of a sophisticated self- promotion style that’s never been seen before in the marketing world. It’s literally the most innovative interviewing framework to hit the presses in American history! The TTW Publicity Profile can never be duplicated, as the integrity of the caring heart and soul of TTW is the driving force behind the magic. A Publicity Profile presents the real you in published form: And we all know YOU- can never be duplicated!!

Contact TTW directly to make a reservation for a phone interview with Freya Pruitt. She will determine the best possible marketing strategy for your own custom Publicity Profile. No one writes with strong yet sweet, genuine heart and soul like Freya. No other publication offers the mega, multi-media Publicity Profile promotion that holds the potential to reach the entire world. Publicity Profiles are the wave of the future; and the future is here today!

Call today for your private interview and get started with a Publicity Profile that can change your life! You have only one life: Why not have it portrayed accurately with the best Publicity Profile in the world?

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